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A1 Roofing


A1 roofing is one of the leading commercial roofing companies in Chicago area since 1910. Their Chicago roofing and sheet metal company serves a broad range of businesses and public entities throughout the Chicago land area, meeting the needs of architects, general contractors, building owners, developers and management companies.

As a part of the company's CSR initiatives, the management decided to upgrade the facility to make it environment friendly. This decision was made to replace all traditional luminaries with LED luminaries and at the same time cut down expenses and maintenance cost related to lighting.


Previously, Metal Halide fixtures in the warehouse area were illuminated with 400-watt (MH) high bay lamps. These were replaced with AcculightUSA 100-Watt LED High Bays, equipped with occupancy sensors on each light. The reduction in fixtures and wattage use reduced energy consumption by about 70 percent.

In addition to this as part of AcculightUSA’s Lighting Optimization service some of the light fixtures were moved to better positions to eliminate problematic shadows at the work place within the warehouse. 


Repositioning of the fixtures helped eliminate the problematic shadows in the work place. As sensors were added to each light they turn off when there is no activity detected and at the same time there is a lot of productive usage of the energy. While saving on energy costs is important to A1 roofing, the maintenance time and expenses were the driving factor for making the upgrade. The new AcculightUSA LED luminaires will provide years of virtually maintenance-free operation. 

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