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Al Ahrar


Al Ahrar Water is a member of the prestigious Al Ahrar Group operating in the UAE for the past 25 years. In 2015, as part of Al Ahrars new corporate responsibility initiative a decision was made to reduce the company’s carbon footprint. A big part of that decision was replacing all the traditional luminaries with energy-efficient AcculightUSA LED luminaires


The project was divided into 2 phases – outdoor and indoor. Previously, Metal Halide fixtures in the loading bays, parking lot and storage areas were illuminated with 400-watt (MH) lamps. These were replaced with AcculightUSA 200-Watt Streetlights, 150-Watt Area lights and 50-Watt Wall packs. The reduction in fixtures and wattage use reduced energy consumption by about 70 percent.

“We’ve always had a shortage of energy in our facility so any opportunity to save energy was a no brainer. Replacing the traditional lights with AcculightUSA led lights has lit up our outdoor space whilst just consuming a fraction of the energy we used for the older lamps said Sam Thomas, Al Ahrar Group. Operations Manager. “We are now looking forward to moving to Phase 2 and replacing all our indoor lighting fixtures with the new generation AcculightUSA LED Panels and High bays.”


In addition to saving on energy costs Al Ahrar Group has now eliminated the need for regular maintenance and replacements for the older model metal halide lamps. Once phase 2 is complete a total of 72 Panel lights and 10 High bays will replace traditional lighting thus more than halving the energy consumption bills and virtually eliminating any maintenance charges.

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