Atlas SN Leasing

Atlas SN Leasing


Atlas is one of the premier trailer leasing companies in Chicago. The facility services and leases a fleet of over 900 dry vans, step deck and flatbed trailers for different freights.

There were several areas of concern in the facility but the major one was inconsistent color variation of the panel lights. The efficiency of the existing lights was also raised as an area to be addressed.


Previously, the office area was illuminated with fluorescent T12 fixtures, incandescent and metal halides lamps. The fluorescent T12 troffers were replaced with AcculightUSA classic LED panel lights, the incandescent 60w lamps were replaced with AcculightUSA 27W Down Lights, and the 400w metal halide lamps were replaced by 100W Area Lights. At the truck repair location, the fluorescent T8’s were replaced by 100W Triton Highbays to provide better lighting for mechanics. All traditional T8’s were replaced with much brighter 100W Triton High bays in the sales area to better highlight new trucks. 40W Ciana Tri-Proof lights were used to replace damaged fluorescent lighting in the bathroom and storage areas of the facility.


The reduction in fixtures and wattage use reduced energy consumption by an astounding 75 percent. The classic LED panel lights helped to have a consistent color temperature throughout the office. Better lighting has increased the efficiency and improved safety aspects of the facility. In addition to energy and cost savings the switch to AcculightUSA LED fixtures has helped reduce Atlas’s annual carbon dioxide emission by 133154 lbs. Working with AcculightUSA and part taking in energy conservation and environmental protection also helped Atlas recoup more than 50% of the new lighting fixture costs through the ComEd rebate program.