Greenwood Mobil

Greenwood Mobil


Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Greenwood Inc. owns and operates several convenience stores under various major fuel brands. It now markets in 35 stores located in and around the Chicago and Rockford, Illinois area with several new units presently being developed.

Locally-owned Greenwood Inc. took a step toward their interest in helping the environment by upgrading canopy lighting with energy-efficient AcculightUSA LED luminaires, dramatically reducing energy costs and virtually eliminating maintenance expenses, all without toxic mercury.


Previously, Metal Halide canopy was illuminated with 400-watt metal halide (MH) fixtures. Thirty AcculightUSA canopy 135-watt luminaires replaced 56 MH fixtures. The reduction in fixtures and wattage use reduced energy consumption by an astounding 80 percent. Additionally, Greenwood Inc. will realize a three-year payback on this investment, but more important is the positive impact the AcculightUSA lighting upgrade makes in their community and to the overall customer experience at their site.

“Retrofitting the canopy with energy-efficient AcculightUSA luminaires is not just good business for Golf Mobil, but it’s good for our community,” said Luckose Chemm, Greenwood Inc. Chief Operating Officer. “This is another example of how Greenwood Inc. and Golf Mobil are cornerstones of the community, whether in our charitable giving, delivering the products and services that consumers need, or taking the lead in creating a sustainable future.”

In addition to upgrading the fuel island canopy, Golf Mobil replaced the car wash canopy metal halide fixtures with 6 AcculightUSA luminaires in a one-for-one replacement, providing a remarkable 61 percent energy savings.


While saving on energy costs is important to Golf Mobil and Greenwood Inc., the maintenance time and expenses were the driving factor for making the upgrade. The company often called an outside electrician to change the metal halide lamps and ballasts every six months — a cost that was over $200 per call. The new LED luminaires provide decades of virtually maintenance-free operation.