House of spices

House of spices


House of spices is one of the leading producers of Indian spices and grains in the United States with its distribution centers spanning across 12 locations and its headquarters based in New York. Today, the next generation of the House of Spices management team carries the torch, spreading Indian food culture from coast to coast with 12 major distribution centers across North America.

As part of an energy conservation program, the House of Spices management took an initiative to upgrade the existing lighting to a more energy efficient and eco friendly setup.  


AcculightUSA Classic LED Panel Lights were installed to replace traditional fluorescent T8’s and T12’s. 400W metal halide (MH) and T12’s in the warehouse were replaced with AcculightUSA 100W LED high bay lights. 

AcculightUSA 45W LED wall packs were used to replace 250W Metal Halide (MH) wall packs for the building exterior. Further to this, AcculightUSA 100W Area lights were used to replace 400W MH lights in the loading bay and parking lot areas of the facility. 


The savings in energy consumption by the lighting upgrade exceeded the expectations of the management and continuous positive consumer feedback; particularly on the inviting exterior lighting was an added bonus to the energy savings. Whilst the management welcomed the energy savings and customers appreciated the exterior lighting it was the staff in the warehouse & offices that enjoyed their now brilliantly illuminated work place.