At AcculightUSA we pride ourselves on innovation. LED lights are a smart choice for any organization but if you can couple the light with intelligent technology then the choice becomes an investment. The design and development of our lighting systems are the result of close collaboration between our customers and design engineers. We continually develop & implement new technologies or customize solutions for all our lighting solutions. In addition to our own in-house R&D, AcculightUSA undertakes joint research projects with universities in USA and other engineering partners who give us access to advanced software technologies implemented around the world.

Wireless Integration – AccuPoint

The Accupoint Wireless Advantage allows individual lights or groups to respond to sensors, wall stations, hand held devices or neighboring luminaires through wireless communication. This makes it easy to save energy with advanced control strategies and meet tough energy codes. Fixtures can also provide optional power measurement and lamp/driver outage reporting to simplify and reduce lighting maintenance. AccuPoint Wireless can operate as a stand-alone wireless solution or combine with selected third party products to create a full building control solution. AccuPoint hand held control system makes it easy to control light output to specific range

Occupancy & Ambient light sensors – AccuSense

AccuSense sensors can be integrated into existing fixtures without any additional programming or wiring.It is a plug and play solution designed to monitor ambient light and adjust the light output of an environment based on the availability of natural light and smart enough to sense occupancy. Blue tooth enabled cut off switches are available with the solution.

Hand held Dimming Controls – AccuDimmer

Acculight has developed hand held device for dimming high powered lights (Hi Mast, Arena lighting etc), it could also be controlled with a smart phone device (Proprietary app download required) , all through a secure network protocol which can be operated in a mile radius

Adjustable Light modules – Acculight LED Modules

Acculight luminaires are designed with state of art LED modules, it can be individually controlled with proprietary lighting controls for any custom usage.

The future of lighting will be in smart technologies and lighting connectivity. We at AcculightUSA are well placed with a dynamic engineering team to embrace this challenge and are working on some path breaking solutions to address it.