Data Analysis

The first step towards managing your energy profile is to do a Data Analysis on past electricity, natural gas and water utility consumption bills. Though analysis methodologies vary widely, we tailor the analysis to focus on our customer's specific energy demands to avoid results that yield too much or too little detail. Baseline energy use and past utility consumption data is used by our engineers to get insights into the facilities operational practices, energy shifts from weather seasons and financial impacts of energy efficiency.

Facility Assessment

Also referred to as an energy audit, a facility assessment program provides your organization with an objective and comprehensive review of opportunities to reduce energy consumption at your facility. A facility walk through will generate a detailed building survey with a breakdown of energy usage within the facility considering the internal and external building characteristics including construction attributes, location & weather profile. Based on this, our experienced engineers will identify the most practical Energy Conservation Measures (ECM's) and provide an actionable list of ECMs that define cost-effective opportunities for reducing energy consumption, while helping you meet your sustainability objectives and ensure the greatest return on investment. At this stage, utility rebates and federal tax benefits will also be leveraged. We also do measurements and analytics to document and report on continuous energy savings.

Lighting Optimization

Facility lighting today is responsible for around 19% of global electricity consumption. In case of an average commercial building, lighting loads usually account for up to 50% of total electrical load. Modernization of an old lighting systems using LED lights and intelligent lighting management system generally reduces energy consumption and operating costs and provide a great return on investment. AcculightUSA provides you energy-efficient lighting optimization as your energy audit partner. Analysis and subsequent optimization of existing lighting installations with regard to function, efficiency and durability will give your organization the most affordable and appropriate solutions.